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Eliminate Pain, Optimise Performance

Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Your body is notifying you, that change is needed. Optimising your movement potential diminishes the pain signal and allows you to live without limits. Getting stronger by efficiency, not effort.

The Difference

Is ‘not to fix you’ but ‘to help you’ bring your body into alignment and create an environment in which the healing can begin, through an integrated use of advanced motor control therapies, precise soft tissue work, movement re-education, corrective breathing and coaching support.

Here’s WHY that matters to YOU:

Pain can be caused by soft tissue irregularities, motor control dysfunctions, emotional or chemical imbalances, poor movement or ineffective breathing patterns. Typically, all are present, and they feed into one another to create an increasingly complex cycle of pain. If you are treating your pain by addressing only one of these issues, as is common with most forms of therapy, then results will often be incomplete.

Only fully integrated treatment combining movement assessments and gait analysis, motor control correction, soft-tissue work and breathing correction has the power to identify and correct the root causes of pain quickly and efficiently.

The Treatment

At Purbeck Rehab, we use a number of specialised techniques to eliminate pain, improve performance and restore healthy movement. At the heart of our mission is a profound desire to resolve your pain and restore your quality of life in as few visits as possible. Our integrated therapy sessions are like nothing you have ever experienced. Listed below are the techniques used and also a video showing how some of these techniques are used in clinic.

Neurokinetic Therapy®, Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex®, Anatomy in Motion™, Selective Functional Movement Assessment®, Structural Joint Balancing, Advanced Myofascial Release, ScarWork, Medical Acupuncture, Kinesio Taping, Corrective Breathing, Advanced Clinical Soft Tissue Techniques, Yoga Sports Science Coach® and Primal Movements.

Dr In The House

For those of you who may not have had the chance to watch “Doctor in the House” 26th Nov’15 on BBC1, here is the video when Ray, a body builder who has had chronic back pain for 20+ years goes to visit one of my mentors Gary Ward @ Anatomy in Motion, where he performs AIM and Neurokinetic therapy techniques to find the ‘cause’ of his back pain…….. history of a “shattered jaw” and faulty movement patterns.

Watching Ray walk, every time he strikes down with his left foot, you will notice his jaw shifts to the left turning off this movement pattern and having to compensate by over using his right side to complete the movement.

After several hours of treatment, it was great to see the dramatic change in Ray’s spine, walk and face. This empowered him to continue with the exercises prescribed, which enabled him to come off pain medication as he was able to move more efficiently and pain free.