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Jennie: Runner/Swimmer

On and off since 1987, can’t remember a time when I’ve been completely free of pain in some area of my body. Sometimes its less, sometimes in a lot of pain but always been ongoing, left hip, both knees and carpal tunnel, despite lots of physio, acupuncture, chiropractic care, regular sports massage, many steroid injections and left knee surgery.

Yesterday and this morning I went out for a jog along the coastal path, then sat over looking the sea – both days sun shining – which makes it even more special – but to be able to jog without any pain gives me so much joy and I just want you to know how grateful I am that you helped me be able to do this again. How you do your work is somewhat weird – but it works better than anything else I’ve tried – so to me what you do is simply the best! Thank you.

Sharon: Business Owner

What can I say ….It’s a miracle!!!!

Chronic lower back pain for several years, had to stop running and things enjoyed, like gardening. Watched the program “Dr in House” on BBC 1 and contacted them hoping someone could help me. Luckily, I was directed to Purbeck Rehab. Several sessions later, feeling great, pain was 98% gone from lower back and was able to do gardening with no problem and no pain killers. Then we continued to work on my movement to get me back running. Now there is no stopping me, back running up to 10k and completely pain free. Great to have my life back and a new found understanding of how the body works, can’t thank you enough!

Danny: Builder/Cyclist

I don’t know what the hell you did but my back has been amazing and hasn’t felt like this for years and you didn’t even touch it! My shoulder too, I played the guitar for hours the other night with no pain and also went out on my bike, doing hill reps and the power wattage I got up to was incredible, never done that before. Don’t get what you did but thank you, can’t stop singing your praises.

Mark: Sprinter

I was in pain with both knees for several years, had various physio treatment, scans but nothing changed. Researched for other help and came across Purbeck Rehab. Initial assessment was thorough regarding history. I had also been having bladder problems at the same time, had all the tests but nothing conclusive and the Dr’s put it down to stress.

Never thought that my knee pain and bladder issues were related, various tests on my nervous system showed that I had been engaging my pelvic floor instead of my intrinsics and that it was overworking. Cleared that up and knee pain and bladder issues gone. Then worked on improving my running technique with different movements, coach and myself couldn’t belief the difference in my performance and started winning every race 100/200m. Was asked, how and why by other competitors who knew me. Sorry I didn’t want to let on my new found secret weapon but can’t thank you enough for getting me back up to speed and also sorting out my emergency nasty ankle sprain. 2 weeks back training after that, who would have thought, incredible results!

Abi: Eventer

As a rider, have had many falls over the years with eventing, in particular damaging my collarbone. Also, since a kid was diagnosed with having Scoliosis, in recent years, consultants have told me that at some stage will need surgery on both which I don’t want. Have been having regular Chiropractic, massage treatment, giving some relief but pain back 4 days later. Recommended to see you, to try a different approach and find some answers for my lower back pain, shoulder pain and pelvic floor issues.

3 sessions later, no shoulder, back or pelvic problems and interestingly when riding, always have had stirrup issues, have to have them uneven. 1st time ever, that have had to alter them to the same hole and felt level!! Who would have thought, one of my main problems was my Jaw. I can’t thank you enough and for also helping my brother, the difference he felt was amazing!

Julia: Teacher/Athlete

Gina was recommended to me by a friend who thought she might be able to help me avoid surgery which I had been offered by the NHS for an advanced bunion. I realised that my bunion was a symptom rather than a cause, but I never imagined how much more Gina could do for me.

Over a series of sessions Gina has used different techniques to alleviate problems with old scars, injuries and consequently body imbalance. She has sorted out lower back pain, strengthened my shoulders, stopped my neck from taking over and made my glutes start to work! I now feel like I can walk completely upright for the first time since I can recall. I have also learnt how to breathe properly and Gina recommended a nose buddy which means I no longer have to carry tissues; these two things alone have been life changing. My foot has improved enormously too!

I was running and cycling before I went to Gina but since going to her my goals have become more ambitious. She not only taught me exercises to do in between sessions, she also taught me how to be strong mentally. Last weekend I cycled my first 100 mile bike ride on Saturday, followed by a 5 mile road run race on the Sunday. I finished both feeling completely fresh with no muscle soreness whatsoever. This weekend I ran a half marathon taking over three minutes off my previous personal best. I believe Gina is the ultimate secret weapon!

Sara: Teacher/Rider

For many years I have had mild to severe back pain; occasionally so bad that I was ‘stuck’ in a bent over position. As a rider I have often felt it difficult to sit level and use the left side of my body effectively. Following a chance appointment with Gina I feel re-built!

She immediately found the cause of the issue and was able to resolve the problem in my pelvis that many visits to other chiropractors, acupuncturists and physios have not been able to identify. I constantly recommend Gina to everyone I know. She has a very different way of working but through this unusual approach, is able to find the cause of the pain and send you away empowered to help yourself. Thank you!


I came to Gina with aching muscles throughout my body and an inability to move my neck and very restricted arm movements which were very painful i.e. could not use my arms to get out of bed or to put a seat belt on in the car.

After following all Gina’s exercises – although at times a little strange and difficult to relate to my problems – I have to admit that I now have full movement in my neck and all the muscle pain has gone and one arm/shoulder is perfect the other almost there. I have recommended friends to Gina who is working miracles – those in doubt have a try and let the miracle worker help you


Gina came highly recommended from a friend and I have now recommended her countless times. Gina is professional, in total command of her subject and her treatments are extremely effective. I can recommend her unreservedly!


I call Gina the witch in the woods, it always seems so magical. I am 73 and was having problems with my feet, now have no pain. Then I broke my leg in a freak accident and was having problems with my knee, now I just do some funny exercises she gave me and all is well. Whatever she does in the session it seems to work and highly recommend!


I trapped a nerve in my neck through overuse and training too much as a beginner at sea rowing, plus moving house. Gina through her varied techniques has given me a new way of viewing balance in my body. My shoulder and trapped nerve issue is gone. I have a range of exercises to address issues if they arise again. I highly recommend her.


In my opinion Gina has the perfect balance, professionalism combined with compassion. She is equipped to treat the whole person and has a wealth of experience and knowledge which enables her to guide her patients through their own individual journey to wellbeing. I have fibromyalgia and she has enabled me to be free of strong medication which I had been taking for years which gave me a lot of nasty side-effects. Gina is wonderfully encouraging and gave me the confidence to aim high in my quest to ‘get my life back’. I recommend anyone who is struggling with this horrible disease to give it a try as she has understanding which many others don’t seem to have, especially regarding myofascial tissue.


I’ve been to see Gina for 2 types of injury and both times have received top quality treatment and had the actual cause treated not just the symptoms.
First time I saw Gina i’d been struggling, for years, with lower back, hip and thigh pain with regular flare ups of sciatica. Gina assessed the problems, and through a series of methodical testing finds out what is working and what is not. She then created a “homework” plan of simple exercises to rectify the damage. Some of her methods did require an open mind, but i’m so glad i engaged with it as i’m now running 10k races again pain free for the 1st time in years.
The 2nd injury I took to Gina was a badly twisted and swollen ankle. Having played sports all my life i know the drill if you go to your GP, – Ice it, elevate it, try to stay off it as much as possible etc etc. i’ve done this with this kind of ligament injury many times before and generally after 12 weeks you are back to full movement and can do everything you could do before but you can still feel the injury for months afterwards. So this time i went to Gina, strapped it up with AC vinegar as directed to take the swelling down in a single week, then after Gina had assessed it and created an homework plan, 2 weeks later i was at the 12 week stage, as if i had followed the GP’s regime.
I can’t put a price on this kind of treatment. As i said some of it is a bit out left field, but Gina totally knows her stuff and i cannot stop recommending her to anyone i meet who is in pain. 10/10!