Purbeck Rehab

Our FAQ's :Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions......

  • Our ethos and therapy approach?

    At Purbeck Rehab we do our very best to help our clients to help themselves.

    It is very important to point out, that the aim of any therapy undertaken with us is never to enter into a passive, ‘I fix you – you need to fix me’ relationship.

    Your own brain and body are the ultimate healers in the equation.

    Our goal & therapy approach is simple: to help you to bring your body into alignment & create an environment in which the healing can begin.

    This is done by helping your brain & body identify & correct imbalances within its neurological, joint and soft-tissue systems (i.e. muscle, ligaments, tendons & connective tissue)

    The aim is to treat the cause of dysfunction, not just the symptoms.

    This is done by addressing the cause of pain – dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain.

    This can be a slow or a fast process, and depends on the individual client case & history.

    We are willing to put time and energy into helping you – in return, we seek to work with people who have a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude, and who are proactive and committed to ultimately helping themselves to feel and move better.

  • What should I wear to sessions?

    It’s important that you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in for your session and that will allow you to move freely in different ways, such as bending, squatting and reaching easily.

    I recommend wearing workout-type clothes that are loose-fitting & comfortable. E.g. a t-shirt along with shorts or tracksuit bottoms is ideal. All of the physical assessments are performed barefoot.

  • How long does it take to feel and move better?

    Progress is usually noticeable after the very first visit, though for some individuals, it can take as many as 3 to 5 visits to notice significant changes to how you feel and move. Through each session we discuss the progression.

    Most clients are approx 2 to 4 if physical pain related but if more of a systemic health problem can be 10+ over a period of time.

    For emotional trauma, PTSD, 2 to 4 sessions.

    If however, we aren’t progressing as much as we would like, then I may suggest we schedule a session with one of my mentors in the USA via Skype. Sometimes four eyes are better than two.

  • How long & frequent are session visits?

    Your initial ‘Evaluation & Therapy Session’ visit is scheduled for approx 1hr 15mins.

    This gives us ample time to begin your journey by looking at any significant medical, injury & movement history that may be important to take into account during your sessions.

    Many aches, pains and niggles have their root cause in a client’s history, so its vital that this information is gathered and investigated.

    Subsequent ‘Follow-Up’ session visits are approx 60-minutes, to enable us to check your progress and work on improving your movement further together.

    Follow up sessions are generally bi-weekly.

  • Do you accept Medical or health insurance?

    We work with clients privately (we do not offer any work via Medical/Health Companies or Insurance)

    Why? It takes the responsibility off you as someone else is paying. We like our clients to be accountable for their own treatment which in most cases, speeds up the recovery.

  • What is your session cancellation/rescheduling policy?

    Please give 48 hours notice if you need to re-schedule a session.

    You will not be charged for a session that you re-schedule with more than 48 hours notice.

    The full session fee will be charged to clients who cancel or re-schedule a session with less than 48 hours notice, or who fail to show up for their appointment.

    If you need to make any changes to a scheduled session, then please contact me directly by calling my mobile and leaving a voice message.

    Please note that I’m not able to accept cancellation messages via email, texts or Facebook.

  • What days and times are clinic sessions available?

    Clinic Sessions are available throughout the week (Monday through to Friday): 10.15am through to 8pm (last session appointment is 6.15pm)

    Treat in Dorchester on thursdays, Poole alternate wednesday and tuesdays, fontmell magna alternate wednesdays and nr corfe castle on monday and Fridays.

    Functional Health Solutions and Emotional Trauma work, can be done face to face or online via Zoom conferencing.

  • Your Investment – clinic session?

    My role is to simply identify and facilitate you and your body in recognising it’s proper role as self healing and regulated. We work together as a team and every piece of information in your history is critical to the out come.

    First initial session, treatment is approx 1hr 15mins, £80 and then normally recommend a follow up 2 weeks later, £65, depending on assessment of history and movement.

    There is additional cost if use Amino neuro frequency discs *£2 per disc.